Nautilus Scripts

These scripts should be put into the nautilus scripts folder i.e.:
Just right click on an item and select script from the pop-up, the execute bit must be set for the scripts to run.

Open a terminal at this location - CD Here
Set ownership of file/folder - I Own It
Create a text or picture clipping in the current folder of whatever is on the clipboard ( you need to install Clipboard viewer ) -  Make Text Clipping

View a text file - View


Open a new Nautilus window at this location -  Open Here

You can also create folders in your scripts folder which show up as sub menus to allow you to organize your scripts.

In the Admin folder (/home/YOURUSERNAME/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/Admin):
Change the permissions of a file and move it to the trash -  Root Trash
Open a file with Admin permissions - Open As Admin
Open a Nautilus window with Admin permissions at the current location - Root Nautilus

In the Disks folder (/home/YOURUSERNAME/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/Disks):
Create a disk image of the selected folder - Make Disk Image
Mount the selected disk image - Mount Disk Image
Eject the mounted disk - Eject Disk

In the iPod folder (/home/YOURUSERNAME/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/iPod):
See the Rockbox page

Download All Nautilus Scripts